Здесь, дорогие читатели, мы собрали для вас полный список чит-кодов/консольных команд к игре “Adrenix” на PC и не только.

The saved game data is in the files named GAMEx.SAV in the SAVE folder. As the location of the weapons data will vary depending on when and where the game is saved, hopefully the following procedure will be successful. Using a hex editor with search capability, find the string “DirectPlayer” (without the quotes). Now count 297 bytes from the end of that string. This has worked on every saved game file tried, but it may not work in all cases.

A hex FF in the first byte (297 from “DirectPlayer”) enables any weapon if there is ammo for it.

The number of shots for weapon 1 is located in bytes 33 and 34.

The number of shots for weapon 2 is located in bytes 49 and 50.

The number of shots for weapon 3 is located in bytes 41 and 42.

The number of shots for weapon 4 is located in bytes 25 and 26.

The number of shots for weapon 5 is located in bytes 45 and 46.

The number of shots for weapon 6 is located in bytes 17 and 18.

The number of shots for weapons 7 and 9 is located in bytes 53 and 54.

The number of shots for weapon 8 is located in bytes 29 and 30.

The number of shots for weapon 0 (10) is located in bytes 21 and 22.

These can be maxed out to 65,535 shots with hex FF FF.

Also, any level of the game can be accessed (if no better way can be found) by simply renaming the first level, M1.CAN to something else, copying the desired level file (level files are named M1.CAN through M25.CAN) to M1.CAN, then beginning a new game. Of course when the level is completed, the game will start the regular level 2.


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