Здесь, дорогие читатели, мы собрали для вас полный список чит-кодов/консольных команд к игре “Hellfire: Diablo Expansion Pack” на PC и не только.

1. Start your game. You can port over a character or start a new one; it doesn’t matter.

2. Make sure you have at least ONE potion (any type) and at least 75 gold (you should be able to wander down to level one of the labyrinth, kill off a few beasties and get that much pretty easily, no matter what class you’re playing and what level you start off as).

3. Once you have at least 75 gold (in one inventory slot) and at least one potion, wander over to the farmer (over by where the cows are, past the cemetery.) Talk to him. He’ll give you the Rune Bomb. Go back over to the weird alien growth (you’ll know it when you see it) and place the bomb on the growth…it’ll blow up. DON’T go down into the nest!

4. Walk back over to the farmer and talk to him again. He gives you the “Auric Amulet,” which doubles your gold carrying capacity (you can hold 10,000 gold in each inventory slot as opposed to 5,000). Equip it in your amulet inventory slot. Then walk across the bridge to the farmer’s right, then south past Adria’s hut, to the open area by the river (you can actually do this anywhere, it’s just much more efficient here, as you will see shortly).

5. Here’s the tricky part: Put your potion on your “quick belt” (any slot will do). Hit ESC, select OPTIONS, and change the last one (probably currently on “JOG”) to “WALK.” Otherwise, the timing on this is nearly impossible. Open up your inventory. Click on your inventory slot with the gold to pick it up. Click it on the ground to drop it. Take a few steps away from the gold (the more the better, but make sure the gold is still visible on-screen). Now, click on the gold and immediately move your mouse cursor down over the potion on your belt. At exactly the same moment your character picks up the gold, click on the potion on your belt. If you click too soon, your character will stop in midstride, and you’ll have the potion “selected.” Put it back on your belt and try again. If you click too late, your character will pick up the gold and THEN the potion will be “selected.” In this case, put the potion back on your belt, open up the inventory, drop the gold, and repeat the process. If your timing was correct, and you clicked on the potion at exactly the same time as your character picked up the gold, the description of the “potion” you have selected should be the amount of gold you dropped. Click it on the ground to drop it, and then pick it up again to collect your new gold pile. Walk over to Adria’s and buy some more potions, then repeat this process…

6. Once you have at least one FULL inventory slot of gold, you’ll find something rather annoying. If you have a slot full of 10,000 gold and another with only 100 gold, even if you drop the 10,000 gold and try this trick, when it works, it will only duplicate the 100 gold. How to bypass this: Once you have one full 10,000 gold slot and a smaller amount in another slot, drop first the smaller slot contents, then the 10,000 gold slot contents. Hellfire will pick up the smaller slot contents as a “duplicate” item and destroy it. Now you can repeat the trick with the 10,000 gold pile and get 10,000 for every time you can get the timing right.

It’s tricky timing, and it takes a bit of practice, but it works just fine. Effectively, you can get up to 400,000 gold in a very short time, especially if your reflexes are good. Just remember: do NOT drop more than one 10,000 gold pile or Hellfire may pick it up as a duplicate and destroy it. If you make the money, SPEND IT!


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